We’re approaching that time of year where stress kicks in at an all-time high. The holidays are approaching quickly and the end of the year is right around the corner.

Have we accomplished everything we set out to do?

Are we where we wanted to be?

Have we grown? Have we progressed?

Will we ever get what we really want? 

Does the worrying ever stop for some of us? The answer is for a lot of us…no it doesn’t stop. But that’s a choice you make. You don’t have to choose that way. There is another way. I speak from experience. For the longest time I was a worrier. I worried about EVERYTHING. I knew no other way. But worrying lead me nowhere. Worrying had me standing still…with a pounding headache. The truth is that when we ACCEPT that what is meant for us, will be ours – regardless of whether we “worry” or not, we can be at peace. Knowing that there is a higher power looking out for us at all times – whether you believe it as God, Buddha, Source or just the Universe – it’s there and we are protected. But we so often feel as if all the pressure is on us to control and manipulate and make things happen. Yes, we have free will and we make choices – but what is MEANT for you is going to make it’s way to you no matter what. So chill out, stop stressing because we’re undermining this higher power that always has our best interest at hand. We’re undermining it’s ability to do it’s job. No one likes being questioned or doubted. So stop questioning that things aren’t going to work out for you. Everything is always okay in the end…I promise you this….if it’s not okay, it’s not the end. Marinate on that today! #TruthfulTuesday