We become like who we surround ourselves with. It was a great reminder to me today how much has shifted in my life when I walked into the hair salon and started chatting away with my stylist about The Law of Attraction. I realized that when you come into your own light, you suddenly awaken to the light from others. You suddenly see things that were probably always there but you masked with other stuff from your ego. 

When you surround yourself with individuals that mock what you’re passionate about. Who don’t support you or have no interest in hearing about what you love. When you make the choice to be around people that drain your energy – you’re giving them the opportunity to steal your joy. Your joy is something that you need to hold onto and embrace in everything you do. Only do sh*t that brings you joy! Only surround yourself with those who make you smile. Your happiness depends on your choices everyday, so remember to make good ones because they impact your life AND your energy! #TruthfulTuesday



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