Life always comes full circle. The people that once let you down will need to rely on you one day. The people that refused to help you will need your help at some point. Or it could go the other way – the people that helped you, you’ll be able to payback in the future in some form. Regardless of the circumstances, it’ll all come full circle. What goes around, comes around and vice versa. Let this be an important lesson for us all – we’ve all had moments of disappointment or discouragement, doubt or fear. We’ve all been talked down to or belittled by another human being at some point or another. Don’t let it deter you and do not let it shape your character.

If someone speaks poorly to you it’s usually a reflection of themselves. Don’t take it personal and never take it to heart – be kind and remember they will eat those sour words one day and the Universe will put you in a position to witness it, I suggest you be kind then as well. Treat everyone you encounter with the love, kindness and respect you always want returned to you and it’ll always return it to you, tenfold. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I will always give kindness so I will receive kindness in return.