Answers are presented to us when we’re ready to receive them – not when we THINK we’re ready, when we ARE ready. We can think one thing, but we may be another. There are so many things, too many to actually count in my life that I’ve prayed for time and time again and waited patiently for an answer to. But I always received silence or messages like “be still.” Being still is really quite hard to do especially when you’ve lost your patience and now you’re reaching frustration levels beyond your control. When you’ve felt like you’ve waited long enough. When you feel like you’ve been super patient – this is when you need to wait longer. 

Sure, that sucks – I’m not going to lie to you, but understanding it makes it easier. You see, when our patience runs thin, that’s when we’re almost there. You know how I always say things get harder right before your breakthrough – this is the same thing. Just when you’re about to give up and take matters into your own hands, that’s when you need to stop yourself and recognize that you’re ALMOST there. You’re merely inches from your goal and you need to just be still and wait a little bit longer. It’s like when you’re waiting in that super long line for you’re favorite roller coaster and you really want to be in the front seat. You’ve already waited 20 minutes and you could easily get on next if you settle for a middle or back seat – but you WANT that front seat. Sometimes we just say, “what the hell” and we settle. But when it’s something you REALLY want – you WANT to experience that ride in the very front and you’ve already waited those 20 minutes – what’s another 5 minutes? Not only is that extra 5 going to be the hardest 5 minutes of your life, but it’s going to teach you a valuable lesson. The things that are on your heart, they are worth the wait. If we got everything we wanted easily, it would lose it’s worth.

Do you take better care of the hand-me-down shoes you got from your older sister for free or the pair of shoes you spent half your paycheck on? We learn to appreciate things more when we have to wait for them. We learn to cherish them and acknowledge their worth. Relationships, good friends, dream jobs – if they’re handed to you on a silver platter, would you be more inclined to take them for granted compared to something that you wanted so desperately to have and worked so hard to achieve? Think about it! Don’t lose your patience and just when you think you’re about to – stop, breathe and tell yourself, “You’re almost there, hold on!”. Today’s Daily Affirmation:

Ready for it

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