What do you do when you’re surrounded by negative energy? What do you do when you have to interact with someone who doesn’t understand the energy they’re putting out into the world? Some people won’t understand or will refuse to understand that perhaps they’re the one creating the problems in their life and it’s not everyone else who they seem to be blaming. People aren’t always going to be ‘on your level.’ You cannot fix people nor can you make them understand something they won’t accept or acknowledge. As a life coach, I cannot help everyone – though I’d like to be able to, I also cannot help people who don’t want help. 

I might be using myself as an example here, but everyone’s got someone, at least 1 person in their life – perhaps a relative, coworker or maybe even a loved one that blames the world for their problems. It’s always everyone else’s fault. I like to say that when you’re pointing the finger at others, there’s three more staring right back at you! We need to live a life of self-awareness. Being aware of what YOU do – your faults, your shortcomings and lessons you need to learn or improve upon. It’s quite possibly the hardest thing to do to admit you have something you need to work on – but it’s liberating and humbling. What you put you, you always attract – so if you seem to be attracting individuals you feel are dramatic, jealousy, mean or needy – take a step back and examine yourself. Is there something in them that you don’t like about yourself? Is there something about them you dislike that you should be working on in your own life? There usually is! Examine yourself today – I try to find time to do this everyday, mostly before bed. I review my interactions with everyone that day and see what I could improve upon. Not what I could fix in them, what I could fix in me! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am aware of my energy

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