Sometimes things need to get stirred up, tossed around and even a little confusing to get some clarity! Yes, you read that right – sometimes when you toss all your mismatched socks in the air and let them land where they want, you find that one striped one you’ve been searching for. Don’t even act like that’s an insane idea because the truth is that we are often too close to things to see them clearly. We often over-think things and when we over-think anything, we simply make a mess of it. I’m an over-thinker at times, you are too – don’t pretend you’re not. Most people over-think something, anything once in a while and when that begins to happen my best advice to you is just STOP. Step back, breathe, release, surrender and shut up. The path you should take will be revealed. The truth will be revealed. You will receive clarity, I promise you that you will but the hard part is shutting your mind up. Distract yourself with gratitude today and remind yourself that what’s meant for you will stay and what’s not meant for you will leave. If you don’t believe me, ask the Universe to remove what’s not meant for you, reveal the truth and make it clear and make it unconfusing. I do this often and BOOM…CLARITY!! Today’s Daily Affirmation:

The Universe provides me clarity..

Winky Boo Affirmations

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