Your life is full of synchronous moments. Events that will all eventually make sense as to why they occurred. These events are meaningfully related. These moments however are not meant to be obsessed about. We aren’t supposed to become attached to the desire to figure them out. The day will arrive that it’ll click in your head, “ohhh, that’s why I had to work that random job for so long,” or “now I understand why that relationship ended.” When you begin to live your life looking at things through your spiritual eyes, you stumble over a lot of these moments or rather they are revealed to you more clearly. The problem so many people often encounter is they dwell on them. They obsess over them and try to figure out the why and the where and the how come. My advice to you is to just let these moments be. They are special in themselves and in a sense dwelling on them is not hurting the actual event, but it is hindering you from being open to receiving more that again, will eventually all make sense. But they will make sense, THEY WILL – when it’s their time to. Let them be what they are in that moment though so your life can flow more easily in the direction it’s meant to go. Today’s Daily Affirmation:

I am open to receiving what's meant for me.

Winky Boo Affirmations

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