We go through periods in life where suddenly things we’ve always heard make a lot more sense. Then there’s times where what we “thought” made sense suddenly (and I literally mean SUDDENLY) turns the light-bulb on in our head and magic unfolds. You get a sudden “AHA” moment and are astounded that it clicked the way it did when you once understood it on a different level. This, my friends is what is better known as a ‘miracle’. A correction in your perception. A correction in your mind placing it back on it’s right-minded path. That path is to give and receive love. That path teaches us that what we see in others, is what we see in ourselves. It’s how we see ourselves. It’s a mirrored reflection. Picture yourself walking into a room full of mirrors – will you like what you see looking back at you? If you don’t, direct your attention inward and you can change what you see. The right-minded path does not include fear or worry. This path shows you the truth in everything. This path will bring you endless love and unlimited happiness. Today’s Daily Affirmation:

I am reflecting and attracting what I... (1)

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