Give and keep giving loves. You can’t receive what you aren’t willing to give. That’s the way the Universe works. It’s a constant back and forth motion of giving and receiving. In order to have more of something, you must be willing to give more as well. Don’t keep score. The Universe has it all under control. What you put out there, you will receive back tenfold. Trust me on this. The seeds you sow will harvest and you will reap the rewards in due time – at the right divine time. Give with an open heart. Give with a kind and cheerful spirit. Give selflessly – not because you WANT to receive, because you want to give. The blessings you have were gifted to you – why aren’t you able to gift them to others as well? This is known as the season for giving but truthfully, everyday should be dedicated to giving with an open heart. We are love and love is not about possession, it’s about appreciation. So if you appreciate and are grateful for the gifts YOU HAVE right now, give more and watch the miracles unfold. Watch how you are blessed with more. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am a cheerful giver. I give selflessly with an open heart knowing...

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