You set the tone for your day. You make the decision how it’s going to unfold and the Universe merely responds to your thoughts and your energy. If you wake up with an attitude because something didn’t go the way you planned, then you have the decision right then and there to flip it and accept that everything is happening exactly how it should EVEN if it’s not happening how you’d like it to be.

Your thoughts and your energy provide the Universe with directions. Just like how we provide a GPS with an address to the destination we wish to go. Your thoughts are giving the Universe the directions to which you’d like your day to head. If you keep thinking, “This day is the worst day ever,” the Universe responds to that because it doesn’t know “good” or “bad” it just knows intention. So by proclaiming something negative, that energy and intention directs the Universe and that is all you receive in return. By confessing something positive, it works the exact same way – you will ALWAYS receive positive if you think it, feel it or confess it. So what tone are you choosing to set for your days? Think about it… but if you ask me…I suggest always choosing positive! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am setting a positive tone for my day by choosing positive thoughts and vibes.

Winky Boo Affirmations

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