As my vacation comes to a close, it’d be easy to get sad to go back to “real life”. But the funny thing is that THIS right now is real life. The present moment is all that matters and though it’s good to “plan” for the future or even tomorrow, it’s better to live in the moment. 

I noticed myself thinking about the end of my trip yesterday and how “it was all coming to an end.” I immediately had to stop myself and shift my thoughts back to being in the moment. It’s never the “end” of anything. If you can perceive everything as a beginning, as an adventure, as a journey – then you’ll realize that nothing is ever ending – it’s all just the start of something amazing. So while I pack my bags to return home to New Jersey from traveling Miami, Las Vegas, Arizona and Utah – I decided to set the intention right here and right now that this is only the BEGINNING of this journey for me. This is just the start of all that I’ve worked to manifest. This is the outcome of what I decided to create in MY life. I pray that you, too will experience the impact of your positive thoughts and intentions this year, as I have. If you doubt for one second that it’s just not meant to happen to you – think again – shift those thoughts because what you think, you create dolls! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am creating the life of my dreams with my positive thoughts, words and vibes.

Winky Boo Affirmations

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