When you find yourself in a not-so-ideal position full of stress, anxiety or fear – how do you handle yourself? Do you resist or allow? I got caught up in my ego-mind the other day and felt myself resisting my spirit (truth). I heard the push in my heart say, “You know better…just stop,” but I kept going trying to prove I was “right.” When I finally had a moment to step away I took a deep breath and felt what I was doing to myself by simply resisting “what is”. I was giving myself anxiety and believing my ego’s fearful lies – and all because I was merely resisting truth.

It reminded me of how I used to live every day. It reminded me how that anxious feeling would last all day long and I would worry nonstop. Knowing where I’ve been and how far I’ve come and where I am today – I knew I could easily keep on believing my ego OR I could stop and let it go. Let it go and let it be exactly what it wanted to be. But the ego is so sneaky that the minute you choose the other route, it creeps back in with lies that are so irrational to the spirit – but convincing to the ego that it makes it difficult to resist if you don’t recognize what’s happening.

This life…your life is never going to be void of “triggers” we’ll call them. Things that just set you off or attempt to awaken old fears inside of you. But you have the tools within you to not let the triggers affect you. Recognition of the ego and choosing love rather than fear is your first and only step to healing and harmony. Some of those ego-lies may sound awfully enticing at times but believe it or not – they’re only going to hold you back, block you and stop you from seeing truth. Lean into love – even in the midst of chaos and you will find that only love exists. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am letting go.

Winky Boo Affirmations

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