Do you know that when you ask, you always receive? You may not receive in the manner in which you expect to – but you ALWAYS receive. It’s 100% guaranteed. I like to test it – and by “it” I mean God, the Universe, Source, that higher power above. I like to test it just to see if it’s listening. It always is but I have fun with it and I highly suggest you do the same.

It’s very simple – you can call on that big ball of divine energy in the sky whenever, however you please. You don’t need to drop to your knees to pray to talk to God or the Universe. You can have a normal conversation with it – just like you’re chatting with a friend. There are no written rules saying you need to kneel down and fold your hands together to have a conversation with Source. There are no rules saying you need to use specific vocabulary and language in order for it to listen. You do what you are guided to do. 

Like I tell my clients – just because I go to church doesn’t mean you’ll be guided to. Just because I reference God doesn’t mean you will relate to the name “God”. You may relate to Source or Divine Buzz or the Universe more than “God”. There are no rules in spirituality and the reason I’m saying this is because people take it way too seriously. We are here to utilize this powerful energy force and use it to our advantage. But so many of you are limiting yourselves access to this infinite power because you’re not sure “what to do” or “how to do it” or “what to say” or “how to say it”. There isn’t a limit on how often you can speak or how many questions you can bring to the table. There is no cap on what or how much you ask for. Talk to it! Tell it what you want! Tell it what you need! Then…shut up and listen. You WILL be guided and you WILL receive. It truly IS that simple. Go ahead and try it out…I dare you. I often like to end my prayers with an Amen and “Show me what you got!” I am NEVER disappointed. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am here, ready, open and willing, so show me what you got.

Winky Boo Affirmations

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