When I tell clients they are ebbing and flowing…I literally mean you are ebbing and flowing. You are never in a constant state of being because you are continuously learning, growing and healing. What that means for you is on the daily in this life you are going to experience ups and downs and moods and successes and failures and they are all there to BENEFIT you.

But most of us don’t see it that way – at least not in the moment. We experience something, it triggers us and we spiral down pretty fast. Then we feel guilt for allowing it to get to us and pressure to build ourselves back up to where we believed we were. Well today I want to explain to you that even when you feel like you’re in a downward spiral of emotion – you aren’t setting yourself back. You are having to experience it to learn something, to heal something and to grow from it. 

I often get asked how do you stay so positive or happy or confident – especially when unexpected things get tossed your way. The answer is that if you perceive these situations or people as wiping you out at the knees, then it will in fact feel that way. Even for myself, being a human being, it can feel that way. However, instead of being so hard on yourself when you feel like something or someone took the wind out of your sails – just let yourself be in that moment. Even if that moment feels icky. Because the lesson, the wisdom, the healing – it’ll come at the right time. You can’t search for it (trust me I’ve tried!), you can’t force it and the more you grasp for a good feeling when you’re not feeling too hot – you only create more resistance. You’re only keeping yourself in that yucky place a little longer. Instead…step aside, remove your judgment (you know that humanly sh*t that says “this is wrong” or “this is bad”) and just LET it happen…THE WAY it WANTS to happen! Then just go with the flow…roll with the punches…allow it all to unfold exactly how it wants. It’ll make sense later! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I remove all judgment and just go with the flow knowing no matter what, it's all benefiting me and unfolding beautifully.