Why do we always seek outside reassurance and confirmation for things we already know deep down? When did we all stop trusting ourselves? I know for me it wasn’t until a few years ago that I really started depending on my own instincts and knowingness – no matter how wrong others told me I was. That internal guidance I just spoke about a few days agoit’s always on it’s game dolls!

It won’t ever steer you wrong and even when you can’t seem to fully rely on it yet – you’ll keep encountering proof that’ll show you why you should. Proof that your ego will attribute to irony or coincidence. Proof in the form of messages or signs or hard evidence showing you in tangible form that what you are thinking and feeling IS happening!

Don’t ignore it. Don’t deny it. Don’t doubt it. That feeling that is calm and peaceful on the inside – it never lies. It takes your order like the Starbucks barista and as I told my client today – it’s none of your business how the coffee you order gets made to taste so good. You just tell them what you want and how you want it and you trust it’s going to taste good. You know you’ll get it, you know it’ll arrive, you might not know how long but be patient because it’s on it’s way. Because it’s easy to trust something like a coffee being made – but when it’s something we’ve attached a lot of emotion to for our own personal lives, that’s when we start doubting. But if you can just understand that your DESIRE is just like ordering the coffee of your choice off the menu….then you’ll know the details are taken care of once you tell them what you want. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I have placed my Universal order and I know that the details are taken care of.