You are going to encounter people in your life who have too much pride to admit when they’re wrong. Who are too stubborn to change. Who simply do not want to give you the credit you deserve for the wisdom you have or the things you accomplish in life. They take but do not give. They discredit and discourage you. They attack and criticize and are not receptive to any advice in return (some call these “haters”). Sometimes these people are going to flock to you because positive energy is magnetic and it’ll attract all sorts of things (you’d be surprised!).

Don’t let it deter you from the path you’re on. Don’t let it discourage you, worry, frustrate or even anger you. Even if you’re unable to get through to them, they’re flocking to you because they want to feed on your energy and wisdom. Look at it as a compliment – even if they don’t want your advice their subconscious does. Look past their faults and realize that their soul is in need of a little bit of what you have. That’s what’s important – not the angry human on the outside, the soul on the inside. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I choose to look past the hate and continue to give and receive love.