Even if you have it all together, you are always going to go through trials and tribulations. Even if your spiritual connection is on point, your job is perfect and everyone is happy and healthy in your family, you are going to go through something. A lot of people steer away from believing in anything – any Higher Power or outside force at all because they think to themselves, “What’s the point in believing if I’m still going to have to suffer in life?”

The answer to that is an easy one, especially if you do believe in something (anything!). The answer to that is “YES” – even if you believe in God, Buddha, the Universe or any type of God or Higher Power, you are still going to go through things – sadness, defeat, death, struggle, frustration, etc. You will go through hard times. It’s guaranteed whether you believe or not. The difference – believing in something bigger than yourself makes going through a hard time easier because you understand and comprehend that you are not in control. That’s also one of the main reasons why people don’t want to believe – they fear losing control. They like telling themselves that it’s there decisions that brought them to this point and it’s up to them to get them out.

Here’s the thing – it IS your decisions which lead you to this point – but if you rely on something bigger, those decisions are easier to make. It’s also less likely you’ll make the “wrong” one (if you believe there’s a wrong one) – however I truly believe there are no mistakes in life. Everything and every choice you make has lead you to this very moment and you are in this very moment for good reason. That reason will show itself in due time. So if you’re struggling, if you’re fighting through something or for something, if you’re going through anything – why don’t you give it up to God, the Universe, Allah, the Angels, Jehovah, Yahweh, Buddha, whomever. Release that tight grip you’ve got on it and watch how it all suddenly and miraculously falls into place (as it should). Today’s Daily Affirmation:

I release my need to control everything and trust everything to fall into place as it should.