As I re-study my teaching manual for A Course In Miracles, I always stumble upon new concepts in the book that pop out at me. You know you could read something or even experience something at one point in your life and perceive it in one context. Then you could do it all over again during another time in your life and you perceive the same things completely differently. This happens daily in our lives, we just don’t always pay as close attention to it happening.

We learn, we grow and we embrace change. Having said that, this particular part of the book read,

“…miracles are natural, corrective, healing and universal. There is nothing they cannot do, but they cannot be performed in the spirit of doubt or fear. When you are afraid of anything, you are acknowledging its power to hurt you…..You believe in what you value. If you are afraid, you are valuing wrongly.” – A Course In Miracles

If we believe we were born with all we need already within us, then common sense states that we should never be lacking. If we think we’re lacking, we’re allowing that to have power over us and therefore devaluing ourselves. I work with a lot of different people daily, for all different types of needs: finances, career, life, relationships, etc. Every person, myself included, have our own worries or fears. Something “more” we’re striving for. Here’s the thing, we aren’t lacking in anything. We don’t need to be fearing anything. We may not have or be in the financial situation we’d prefer to be in currently, but that does not mean we’re lacking it. That means if we believe we’re rich, we are. Know that as long as you take positive steps in the right direction and believe the Universe will provide, it always does. We believe in what we value – so if you’re scared of something, you are valuing it incorrectly. Change your thought process, change your life. Today’s Daily Affirmation:

No Fear

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