Sometimes our spirit needs to be rejuvenated a little to realize our full potential. Just like every other human being in this world I go through hills and valleys. Days where I can’t come up with anything witty to write and I sit and struggle and other days it flows right through me. I’ve realized though that when I reach a day where I am struggling for the words, it’s because I need to take a step back, refresh my thoughts and breathe.

We can consume ourselves with all these responsibilities and demands from day-to-day that perhaps we spread ourselves so thin that we end up hitting a minor roadblock. You’re never going to not hit a little bump in the road, the trick is to learn why you hit it and how you can smoothly ride around it – or maybe even bust right through it (though I don’t suggest LITERALLY busting through any actual roadblocks while driving a motor vehicle, you feel me?!).

What I’m getting at is when you feel like you hit a traffic light that seems to be taking forever to turn green, use that time to review, refresh and revitalize your thoughts, words and actions. Renew your spirit! When we hit these little roadblocks it’s a good time to analyze why we need to pause – why did the Universe make that happen right then and there? Why did God tell us to pump the brakes? Were we being so consumed by external situations that we totally ignored our internal feelings? Were we simply paying attention to the wrong things or perhaps letting the opinions of others alter what we knew on the inside? Use this time to check yourself. Do a gut check! Do a spirit check! Check your thoughts! You’ll find something in there that will move you forward again, I promise. If you don’t have the strength to search, just ask – that’s what I do. Ask for a sign. Ask for confirmation. Ask for guidance – you will ALWAYS, always, always receive it! Trust me. Today’s Daily Affirmation:

I am full of potential.

Winky Boo Affirmations

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