Somewhere along the road of life we were taught or influenced or reached some form of a delusional conclusion that life isn’t meant to be enjoyable at all. Somehow along the way we wanted to grow up so badly and yet as you do grow up, you hear a lot of adults sulking, complaining and just mucking through their days just to get by. We were never made to just get by. Individually we are chalk-full of power and wisdom that a lot of us have decided to just drown out and ignore. That doesn’t mean it left us though. It’s still there, you’ve just hidden it and covered it up with nonsense and fears.

Life isn’t about how much money you make, how many degrees you earn or the number of friends you hang out with. Life isn’t about how many ridiculous photos you post on social media or how many Likes you get. We each have a purpose. So many go through life thinking they need to search for that purpose – which couldn’t be further from the truth. I used to think the same thing because that’s what they teach you in school. The truth is you don’t need to search for anything. Your purpose can easily be revealed to you if you just listen to your inner guidanceyour spirit. Your happiness revolves around what’s in your spirit. That voice is always there and available, you just need to tune into the right frequency – the right channel, the right station! So many don’t want to listen because they’re scared of what it might say. They’re fearful that it might tell them what they probably already know in their gut and are ignoring. Ignore all you want, but eventually you’re going to be lead right back down the path of tuning in to that voice. That voice is going to lead you straight to unlimited happiness. It’ll bring you peace, love, wisdom and an abundantly fulfilling life! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am tuned into my personal happiness!

Winky Boo Affirmations

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