Being present in the moment is something that can so very easily be overlooked. Really, I mean how often are we somewhere, anywhere where we are thinking about tomorrow, or earlier today or next week? How often are we out and we see everyone looking down (at their phones) rather than looking people in the eye? How often are we staring at the clock? How often are we planning out our weeks, hours, minutes and the present day isn’t even over yet?

Realistically we need to make plans at times – of course, but what’s the point of planning if you aren’t going to enjoy the moment when it’s actually happening? I attended some close friend’s weddings recently. Prior to going I made a promise to myself that I would be in the moment. Both were weddings I had to travel to and stay the weekend so for me that meant to be in the moment the entire weekend. So no computer and the only phone activity was to communicate with the people present at the wedding or to check on my dog at home. The memories that now exist because of a small shift I chose to make are priceless.

I know I break these things down to a very basic, realistic place where you can understand it, use and apply it, but being present is a powerful thing. When you keep your mind in the moment you aren’t allowing it to wander. When it doesn’t wander the ego has less of a chance of manipulating your thoughts. These things aren’t basic but the key principle here is when you focus on the NOW, you can actually appreciate what you have. When you focus on what is, you can be grateful for it. Gratitude and appreciation elevate our vibrations, align them with the Universe and open us up for miracles and blessings. Everything is connected my loves, everything comes full circle and it all starts with that one small radical shift in you. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am grateful for the present moment.

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