Spirituality is not only a journey of self-discovery but it’s also a practice. I must practice my lessons I coach on daily or I cannot teach them. I practice acts self-care and self-love. I practice leaning into joy and choosing happiness over fear. I practice mindfulness in all I do and all I say. I practice being still and trusting my inner guidance. I practice gratitude and patience and being thankful for all that I have and believing wholeheartedly it’s exactly what I need right now. I practice trust in God (the Universe). I practice what I preach. That doesn’t make me perfect or better than anyone else. It doesn’t mean I don’t make mistakes or have moments where I let my ego get the best of me. 

I’m on a journey and when you travel on a journey there are always bumps in the road. Sometimes it’s a tiny one and you hop right back on track before you lose your balance. Other times you slip up for a day or two, but you always (ALWAYS) learn from it. That’s what excites me the most – is that I know when I encounter uncomfortable feelings that I’m about to learn and grow. I recognize this because as a life coach and spiritual mentor I have the tools from practicing this for years. Once you fill your toolbox with your necessities for your journey, you will be able to handle bumps in the road with more peace and more ease. You know the tools don’t make you exempt from the lessons, but they help you learn. It’s like when you have the choice of reading instructions on how to put together your piece of furniture to help make it easier or just trying to figure it out yourself. Most of us always end up referring to the instructions even when we don’t want to. Practicing these lessons everyday is like referring to the instruction manual. They keep you in check. The best part about ALL of this is that you are simply practicing what you wish to receive in the world you live in. You are practicing what you want to experience from others. Practice doesn’t make US perfect because we are already perfectly made – it just simply helps us live in a natural, free-flowing way understanding that all that we need we already have and all that we want will come to us at the perfect moment. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I am equipped with everything I need inside of me. I just...

Winky Boo Affirmations

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