I caught myself worrying today. Worrying about presents and finances and time. Worrying that I wasn’t spending enough time doing my work since the holiday can easily be distracting with so much going on. Started to even feel guilt creeping up on me and then I had to shut it down, stop and check back into my happy place. 

There’s plenty of time and plenty of money. Time isn’t real and money is simply energy. Our relationships with people are way more important that the things so many of us sometimes focus on. The ego likes us to think we’re separate from each other and that material items can bring us joy. This is a lie. The love we share trumps all material things without a doubt. These things do not leave with us when we leave our humanly body. The only thing that is true is what’s of spirit and that is love, peace and happiness.

It may sound like a Hallmark card but it’s the truth. Today shift your attention to love. Focus on the people around you. Focus your attention on your relationships. Search for the gratitude in every interaction today and tomorrow and as we travel into the New Year. Be thankful for the love you have to give. Be grateful for the people who share in the love you have to offer. This is your life. You decide what’s important – I’m just here to tell you that as humans we lose track of what is really important at times. There’s no need to punish ourselves for it – but we simply need to shift our attention to what is and remember that tomorrow is never promised. You were given today – do something amazing with this gift that you have and the beautiful gifts that reside already within your soul. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I shift my attention inward to love and release my need to focus on anything external for happiness.

Winky Boo Affirmations

~ ~ Winky Boo. Discover You. ~ ~ 

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