Sometimes it’s good to let things go. Free yourself from the burden of what was and open up space for what’s to come. I’ve been doing this a lot lately in my own life as well. Simplify. Only keep what is NOW serving you. Not what used to serve you or what could serve you eventually. Only keep what excites you right here, right now.

When you clear out the physical stuff, you send the Universe a huge sign that you’re ready for more. When you release the emotional stuff, it works the same way. It’s like your changing your own personal stop light from red to green. It’s a game-changer, that’s what it is! When you hold on and don’t want to let go and move forward (for whatever reason) you basically send out a big sign telling the Universe you don’t have room for more to come your way. That you’re too busy with what was to allow in what is trying to get to you. You can pray and meditate all you want, but until you open up the space for whatever it is you’re asking for, it can’t get to you. Today’s Daily Affirmation:

I am freeing up space in my life by releasing what was and inviting in what now serves me.

Winky Boo Affirmations

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