What are you searching for everyday? What are you looking for? Think about that for a second because it’s something you decide every single morning when you open your eyes. You choose the channel you’re going to be tuned into all day. You then search for everything that would be on that particular channel. 

So if you’re tuned into joy, you are choosing to only see joyful events and people throughout your day. If you’re tuned into anger, you are choosing to see only angry events and people during your day. If you don’t believe me – wake up tomorrow and get pissed off. Then try to go through your day getting un-pissed off. It’s not really going to go very well because what happens is when you tune into the “pissed off” frequency – the Universe delivers you everything that matches it. That means you run into other pissed off people. You find reasons to get more pissed off about stuff you might have just let slide if you were tuned into let’s say the “happy” frequency.

Be mindful of what channel you’re tuning into. It’s setting the tone for your day. It’s deciding what will unfold and how you are going to perceive what unfolds. Those first few moments upon opening your eyes are crucial in this decision making process. As we sleep, we may dream but our minds are at peace and our energy is still. If you went to bed mad, you have the opportunity to wake up happy if you choose that route – or you can tune right back into that angry frequency you were on when you went to bed and start all over again like Groundhog’s Day. But that’s the best part of this life – everyday you get a new chance and everyday you can choose again! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I have the power to decide what I experience today and I am choosing happiness.

Winky Boo Affirmations

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