Often we’re searching so hard for answers that we’re blocking them from coming through. Sometimes I find that the best way to receive answers to my questions and some guidance and wisdom is to just walk outside. Yes…that’s right, go outside.

There’s no hidden meaning behind that, just go outside in nature. Nature has a way of bringing clarity to all situations. It has this profound way of bringing you back into the present moment. Now that the weather is warming up I’ve been going outside a lot more and taking my dog on walks. I’ve noticed a complete shift in my energy. Often we’re just trying too hard to figure things out and get answers that we dive into every different practice we have like meditating or journaling or whatever – that we clutter and jumble the wise words trying to make their way through. In no way am I knocking meditation in the least – I meditate everyday, several times a day. 

However, I know from experience that sometimes you’re just emotional and can’t sit there or quiet your mind. Experienced in a meditation practice or not, as humans we all have moments where we just need to mix it up and during those moments my suggestion is go outside. Spirit has a way of speaking through nature that is like no other. When I am at the beach and meditate right by the water – I receive the most intense guidance ever. Mother Earth is precious and divine and blissful and we take her for granted far too often. So walk away from the computer, put down the phone and go take a stroll outdoors. Whatever is bogging you down, whatever is weighing heavy on your heart, it’ll be lifted and you’ll receive guidance and clarity specific to it if you just go and be rather than search and seek and try to uncover answers to all of life’s questions. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

By shifting my energy my answers come effortlessly.

Winky Boo Affirmations

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