Making yourself feel good every second of every day is the key to a happy and whole life. Here’s why – when you are in a state of joy, you are in your natural state. This is how you came into the world…joyful. This is how Source sees you. All that other junk that has descended on you is just that, junk.

It’s stuff we choose to make important. It’s stuff we choose to focus or dwell on. It’s stuff our ego wants us to get wrapped up in to move us further and further away from our natural state of being. When we feed into all that junk and allow it to affect us, we let our egos win and in the process, we lose ourselves. But life isn’t that complicated. If you can move away from your ego-mind for a brief second and wrap your mind around the fact that your ONLY job here is to be joyful then you have already reclaimed your power.

When you make sure you are happy, you give others permission to be happy too. You become a magnetic force that shines your light in the darkness. You also give the Universe a huge sign that you TRUST it when you stop worrying about the insignificant details – the hows, whens, wheres and whys and allow it to just DO what it DOES on your behalf. Stop worrying. Stop overcomplicating this most precious, beautiful life of yours. Start enjoying it – ALL of it. Focus on being happy right now and I promise you that the rest will not only fall into place – but it’ll turn into something more amazing than you could ever imagine! Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I choose to feel good right now.