A lot of what happens in this world is beyond our control. We have no control over other people’s actions, thoughts or beliefs. We have no control over what others choose to do with their lives, but what we do have control over is our own thoughts and how we perceive what goes on not only in our lives, but also in this world. 

Perception is your responsibility.

It is up to you to decide what you are choosing to perceive and how you are choosing to perceive it. Because that is all that it is – a choice. You and I can look at the same disagreement and I could perceive it positively and look for growth and you could perceive it negatively because it even happened. Negative perception is a choice – it’s something I used to choose every day. I have long since crossed over into positive land and left the negatives behind me.

Does that mean they don’t creep up on me at times?

They absolutely try to – because the further away from the ego-mind you move, the harder it tries to rope you back in. But the more I choose to see things in a loving light. The more I choose to find the good, look for the lesson and grow from relationships and situations – the more good keeps unfolding before my eyes.

Do I have disagreements at times?


Did I used to dwell on the fact that I messed up for even having them?


Do I dwell anymore?

Nope. Because I now understand that it’s my spirit’s way of showing me a corner of my soul that still needs healing. It still needs growth. It still needs to learn something.

When you perceive things from your right-mind – that spiritual mind, you always find the lesson and you continue to grow. Sh*t still happens – no one said that it ever stops – but you perceive it all so differently that it doesn’t feel like sh*t anymore. It just feels like little pop quizzes along your journey, that you can always ace if you continue to find the loving lesson. #WeekendWisdom



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