The air should feel a lot lighter today as if the fog has cleared. Spend your weekend doing what makes you smile. These last few weeks have been rough for the masses. The planetary movement, the energy in the air and turning on the news alone will make you want to hibernate and never come out. But we need to do the opposite – we need to be active participants in bringing this world good energy.

Today everything has shifted on a greater scale and even those who aren’t that sensitive to it will be feeling it. So your goal for today is to smile and laugh. Laugh your butt off! Enjoy yourself in whatever it is you are doing, wherever it is you are placedfind joy there! Find the joy, lean into it and put a big giant smile on your face. Some days it takes a little extra effort to find our happiness but the solution is really simple. Your happiness is inside of YOU. It doesn’t exist out there. You cannot find YOUR happiness out there. You need to turn within. So even if you feel you can only commit to laughing and smiling today – take it one day at a time, the minute you make a conscious decisions to shift your own energy – everything will shift along with it all around you! #WeekendWisdom