When you find yourself, it’s hard to not embrace yourself. From the things you love and admire to the people you want to surround yourself with. Once you’ve accepted who you truly are on the inside, it’s easy for the rest to flow. But it’s also easy for others to get jealous, envious and WANT what you have. That inner spark can often shine so bright that people want to steal it for themselves. 

Individual Spark

Don’t worry though, they can’t take it from you. It belongs to you! I used to get angry when someone would try to copy what I did, liked or even wore but then I realized they will never be me. God made you unique and wonderful in your own way. They can all try, but they’ll never match your individual spark. It’s like your soul’s fingerprint – no two are alikeeven if you’re a twin! There is something you have that no one else in the entire world has. I want you to remind yourself of this the next time you feel anger or jealousy creep up on you.

No one can take from you

It works the other way around too. If you ever catch yourself getting jealous of someone else, I want you to remember that there is no rational reason for it. You and them are like apples and oranges – you may be the same shape and size but you both taste and smell different. Your texture is different, your age is different, what you’ve experienced is different. What you have to offer and what they have to offer are completely different. Allow the Universe to decide who puts you in their fruit basket, and don’t worry your mind about it. No one can take from you what divinely belongs to you. Even if they had it, want it or temporarily have it – the final say stands in heaven’s hands. Stay true to you and the rest will take care of itself – at the right time, in the right place, exactly when you are ready for it! 

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