What are you actually worrying about? The past? The future? Because in the present moment – this moment right now – there is actually nothing to worry about. Don’t you know you are always protected? Don’t you realize you’re always provided for? Don’t you understand that there is a much larger and powerful force working in your favor? This game is rigged. You will win. Quit worrying!

Just enjoy this moment right now and breathe – everything is going to be alright. Everything is going to unfold in a beautiful way and you will be happy. You will be healthy, you will be cared for and abundant. They say that there is nothing to fear except fear itself because fear itself is not even real, it’s an illusion. So instead of investing your precious time into worrying, why not start thinking of everything wonderful that could happen? Why not right? Give a try and see how it goes – because if you want to know a secret, when you start investing your time and energy into good thoughts and positive outcomes, I can tell you from firsthand experience that is exactly what unfolds before your eyes! #WeekendWisdom


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