The external world that we see is continuously shifting to match the frequency we carry internally. We only experience the reality that we create based on what we choose to feel and how we choose to perceive. When I first started opening up to learning this, I thought that if it were THAT easy, why are so many people unhappy? The more I practiced this however, the more I realized that was because they were choosing to be unhappy.

If you are constantly looking for good, miracles and blessings all day long, you are keeping your mind in alignment with the frequency to see and experience good, miracles and blessings.

If you are constantly looking for good, miracles and blessings...

So when you observe someone who just appears to be always happy, easy-going and at peace no matter what is happening around them, don’t think they have better “luck” than you. Don’t think it’s just how their cards were dealt or even that they’re living under some magical spell.

Understand that you too can always be happy, easy-going and at peace because it is strictly a choice. 

What makes people often doubt this actuality is that the minute something doesn’t appear to go the exact way they wanted it to go, they immediately think this approach isn’t working. This isn’t the case. I run into this time and time again when I first start teaching a client how to release their fearful paradigm. They immediately question the process or get mad and sometimes even think they just have bad luck and it’ll never work like this for them. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

The problem is that you need to understand that a big part of aligning yourself with the Universe’s abundant energy flow is to release your need to control what takes place when you align with it.

You need to TRUST that what is taking place is ONLY that of which is for yours and everyone involves’ highest good. When you start trying to manipulate the how and the when and the why, you immediately shift out of alignment. You immediately block yourself from your desired outcome. I lived like that for years. I had the whole “believing” part down a very long time ago – I actually don’t think there was ever a time I didn’t believe, HOWEVER I was clinging to my ego-mind which kept telling me that if it doesn’t happen exactly like this, it’s no good. If it doesn’t go down by tomorrow, it’s never going to happen.

This is exactly how the ego tricks you. Because the ego wants you to believe that you are not a spiritual being having a human experience – rather a human who must control everything and everyone around them. Without having to go into the whole ego/spirit debate again, I just want to say this: The VERY minute I decided to stop believing that something is bad or wrong or not in my favor, was the very minute my whole world shifted. The second I chose and continue to choose every single day, to believe only good in all things, was the second I started seeing and experiencing miracle after miracle right before my eyes. I cannot emphasize this enough – my ENTIRE world shifted. Everything got better and brighter and more wonderful. People just showed up in my life as if they were always meant to be there. Interactions with individuals that were usually strained just suddenly healed and became peaceful. My anxiety that I struggled with for years was just GONE – like that, in a blink of an eye. Which let’s be honest, almost pissed me off at first because I worked long and hard trying to find every which way to rid myself of that anxiety for years. It just miraculously left without anything more than a tiny shift in my thinking. There were no pills, no treatments, no spells put on me, nothing – every single thing in my life just radically shifted just like that. 

That’s because for years I had access to all of it – just like you do. For years it just sat, untouched waiting for me to open the door to let it out. But because I chose to operate out of my ego-mind, I left the door shut and couldn’t see any of it. Even when I searched long and hard for things – like jobs, relationships or ways to get rid of anxiety – I couldn’t find anything that worked. That’s because what you need, it already exists, but you cannot see it until you align yourself with it. Like I said, it’s all sitting there waiting for you behind Door #1, 2 and 3 but you currently have all the doors shut. You probably can’t even see the doors yet. But when you release your ego time and time again, it’s like clearing the fog. You suddenly can see the doors and eventually you are able to open them up and BAM, POOF like magic, there’s every single freakn’ thing you’ve ever wanted staring you in the face! 

You know that saying, “Ask, believe and receive”? That sh*t isn’t going to work until you:

Believe, Trust and Release!

Believe, Trust and Release!

So start BELIEVING everything taking place is for YOUR benefit. It’s happening to help you, to guide you, to redirect you and to teach you.

Then TRUST you are fully supported in all that you do – even if you think you messed up and made a mistake, don’t worry, you’re okay! The Universe has your back 100% – all day, all night, all the time. You are constantly being looked out for. If you feel like you were rejected, it’s most likely because the Universe was protecting you. Every time you think you were rejected from something you “wanted” I want you to TRUST that there’s something better coming your way and you may not understand it in that moment, but you will eventually understand it and realize why you did not receive that particular thing. Just TRUST everything taking place is to help you and never to harm you.

And RELEASE all your worries and all your fears because when you believe and trust that everything taking place is FOR YOUR BENEFIT, you have no reason to panic. There’s no reason to sweat the small stuff or what you might be perceiving as the “big” stuff. Everything you need is just waiting for you to open the door. The way you open that door is you allow everything to be what it is and unfold FOR you.

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Amy L. Fiedler is a Certified Holistic Life Coach, Spiritual Mentor, Ordained Minister and Reiki Master of Natural Healing. She is the founder and head guru of Winky Boo ® Lifestyle + Life Coaching. Amy guides clients through one-on-one transformational sessions helping you move from fear to love by breaking through your blocks to co-create the life you’ve always dreamed of. Amy uses a holistic method guiding and teaching you with what she calls “practical spirituality” for the spiritual, non-spiritual or even the anti self-help folks. Her intuitive and practical approach gives you honest and authentic advice with simple ways to radically change your life.