When everything seems to be going smoothly for us, that’s when we need to remind ourselves to watch our thoughts. That’s how negativity works – it seeps in when you LEAST expect it! It tries to lead us astray, confuse us and make us fearful of things that “could” happen. The good news is that it’s strictly up to YOU on what you allow your mind to breed. You can reverse any negative thought if you choose to, or you can let it have the power it wants and take over your mind and your entire day.

Picture your mind like a garden. You need to water it, care for it, let it soak in the sunshine and air – give it room to breathe and grow. But no matter how nice your garden is, weeds will still try to grow in it. If you are mindful of your garden, you will tend to those weeds accordingly. You will make sure they don’t take over your garden and eat your healthy plants. No one wants a garden full of weeds and no one wants a mind full of negative thoughts! #WisdomWednesday