Listen, we can sit and sulk and get stuck in a negative mindset or an old way of thinking when things aren’t playing out as we like OR we can make the decision that change happens when WE decide to grow. Sometimes the situations we’re placed in force us to grow and we can hold tight to our old ways and mentality but it’s only going to make that situation difficult.

You know you best and you know what you do and what you used to do. Make the change now to outgrow your old bad habits because as I always say – If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you got! Along with changing your actions is changing your thoughts. They need to align and can never contradict each other. What we think, we create so if you can keep your mind in check, your actions can follow suit. And finally, the way you see yourself. So many people do not see themselves in their true, authentic light. I hear from so many clients who don’t treat or talk to themselves with love or kindness. They’re hard on themselves but even worse, they don’t know their own worth. When you know your own worth, you can rise above almost anything. No, it doesn’t make you super-human, but it does mean you aren’t reduced by situations, words or people. External situations don’t affect you because you know who you are on the inside.

So today I want you to make up your mind to focus on releasing your old bad habit, your old way of thinking or the negative way you see yourself. Make the change right now to bust out with love so you open the doors for what’s waiting for you – what’s meant for you, to enter! Trust me darlings, it’s so worth it! #WisdomWednesday