Peace is often misunderstood. So many believe peace relies on your external factors. They believe all the “drama” needs to be gone before they can have peace. They think people need to leave their life or circumstances need to change before they can be at peace. How can I put this nicely?


10649615_10154549943795385_5168525001509029391_nPeace is an inner condition. Peace is a mindset. Peace is a choice. If you’re not at peace, I want you to know right here and now that you are CHOOSING to not be at peace. It’s a mindset of accepting “what is” in your life right now at this very moment and RELEASING your thoughts and ideas of what it’s supposed to be.

Let go of what was, release what didn’t happen and accept what is – because the secret to happiness is being at peace with what is. When you are at peace with what is, you show gratitude to the Universe and trust that whatever was given to you was for your highest intentions. #WisdomWednesday

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