Even the most wise individuals have moments of doubt. We all doubt ourselves at times and what I’ve noticed from my own personal experiences and working with clients is that when we have a moment of doubt, we internally panic. Not panic in the sense where you freak out and lose your mind (although that does happen at times!) – panic as in you forget the truth, you forget what’s real. Panic as in you lose your sense of peace and when you lose your peace just for a glimmer of a second, you forget how to handle your sh*t.

(PHOTO CREDIT: Winky Boo L.L.C.)

(PHOTO CREDIT: Winky Boo L.L.C.)

I’ll use myself as an example: Although I help others for a living overcome their fears, renew their strength and access their truth – sometimes I forget my own truth. Let’s keep it real – I sometimes “forget” my own words of wisdom. You can be the master of your own craft and still trip over your own feet sometimes. Some of the best financial analysts have their own screw-ups with money at one point or another. Some of the top self-help gurus admit to having lapses in judgement or struggling with their own internal demons. Look, we all have issues – every single one of us. Let’s not think for one second that someone who is at the head of the class is perfect. There’s no such thing!

But there is a such thing as embracing your struggle and realizing you already know what you need to do to handle it. It may take a while to believe yourself but you already have everything you need inside of you. Our reaction to stressful situations isn’t always to immediately center ourselves and go to a place of peace. Often we react too quickly. Take a step back next time you want to freak out. Take a step back and review the situation – play it out. Play out your response. Are you responding the way you’d be proud of. Are your words something you’d be receptive to hearing if on the receiving end? Play it out!

Sometimes you need to just trust the Universe

You already know what to do. The idea of “playing it out” in your mind helps to bring you back to that peaceful state – that TRUTH that you already know. Look I could get an angry comment on a blog and immediately react to it. Or I could read it, let it marinate for a while, think about it, review my feelings as to why it might bother me so much, find the truth and then respond. Sometimes the best response is nothing at all. Sometimes you need to just trust the Universe to handle your sh*t for you and accept it all for what it is. No matter what though, you have the answer inside you. The truth is always within. So today, tomorrow or over the course of the year when you get hit with something (because you will, it’s guaranteed in life) that you’re not too pleased about, pause and play it out. Find your peace in the midst of the chaos and that is where the truth will be. The truth is your answer and for lack of a better way to state this, “The truth will set you free!” 

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