There are people you are going to encounter along your life path that think and truly believe they have experienced everything and learned all they need to know in this lifetime. This could not be further from the truth! We never stop learning or growing. Physically, yes, you will probably stop growing and as time would have it, you might end up shrinking. But you will never stop learning! So you might end up shorter, but you will be wiser.

Every interaction is a lesson

The people that are in your life right now are there to teach you something. You may also be in their life to teach them something. Every interaction is an opportunity for growth – be in spiritually, mentally or emotionally. Some will teach us patience. Others will teach us more about ourselves. Some will help us live our dreams. Others will be there to try to throw us off course. Some are there for support. Others are there for wisdom. Nothing is by accident though – every single one of them is there for a purpose! I often say to clients to “look for the lesson” in every interaction – especially those interactions that don’t go too smoothly. I, myself have to search within for the lessons when I have a disagreement or I find my ego getting the best of me while interacting with someone else. Don’t ever play the blame game or the martyr or the “I don’t deserve this” card. When you have an interaction that is bumpy, stop and look within – there is always a lesson there for you! In fact, this whole Mercury in Retrograde period might actually be bringing up a lot of those ‘lessons’ for a lot of you – as I know it’s doing that for me!

(PHOTO CREDIT: Winky Boo L.L.C.)

(PHOTO CREDIT: Winky Boo L.L.C.)

The problem is that society has taught us that people might think less of us if we admit our faults or shortcomings. I say, F**k It, embrace them!! Look, I know I’ve written this very sentence before but here it goes again: My growth helps your growth. Your growth helps my growth. I learn from you and you will learn from me. We are all connected, we are all one! If you cannot humble yourself enough to admit that you could learn something from someone else, then it is you who needs to take a look on the inside and figure out why you might feel less of a person for admitting you don’t know everything.

You like a fingerprint are unique

Nobody knows everything! Even the wisest in their fields are continuing to learn, advance and grow. The good news is that no one, absolutely NO ONE has what you have to offer this world. Someone might know more about another subject, job, genre, religion, community, etc. but you know more about something else. You, like a fingerprint are unique and bring this world something distinct. Find that something. Live that something and when you encounter those who have something else that you don’t have – ask for a little of it. Share your gifts. Share your knowledge. Share your talents. Share yourself with those in your life. You will be blessed by them if you are open enough to accept as well as give.

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