As we head into 2015, I felt it an opportune time for all of us..including myself to reflect on this journey of a year and remind ourselves how far we’ve come. You are amazing! I am so humbled and honored to be able to gift you with inspiring words every single day. I am grateful you receive them the way you do too.

You are more than deserving!

I receive so many emails, messages, tweets daily from people all over the world how one of my affirmations or blogs impacted their life. Whether it was confirmation to take the next step or comfort in a time of need – every time I receive a message from someone my heart is filled with gratitude. It’s amazing to me how my words of wisdom travel around the Universe touching people’s lives at the exact moments they needed to be touched. I’m not done yet though, because all I want to do is help and heal others. As I continue along my journey in 2015 with some radical shifts ahead, I hope you too remain devoted to your own self-growth and self-love.

Just because things begin to fall into place in our lives, doesn’t mean we stop caring for ourselves. It doesn’t mean we suddenly forget our own needs or the tools we used to bring us this far. I personally have manifested some really cool sh*t this year and next year I plan to only go bigger. As I follow my heart center to the places and people I’m guided to go towards, it is my prayer for myself that I remain focused on my higher self to be of service to all of you. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

If you haven’t yet, I suggest taking out your journal and writing down what you plan to manifest in 2015.

Anything you can think of can be yours as long as you believe! If you need any guidance doing that, please comment below this post or feel free to message me on any of our social media sites or email me. I’m not coaxing you into emailing me so I can pitch you some life coaching sessions – I genuinely want to help and I’m always available in some context to be of assistance when needed. 

With that said, bless all of you dolls! 

I head on my first real vacation in, well, a very long time tomorrow and will be away through the New Year. I know I am worthy and deserving of this. The guilt I used to feel for what we often can call a “reward” has no hold on my life anymore. I am more deserving, as are you! 

A lot of people have asked me why I don’t take a break from “work” while I’m on vacation. Though I might not be as consistent in my posting, this isn’t “work” for me at all. We label it that, but this is fun for me. This is not a job, this is my passion and my purpose. So I will continue to post your daily affirmations while I’m away. I will do my best to post some other blogs as well but I plan to be gentle with myself and I recommend you doing the same. Us who have tendencies to be “hard” on ourselves can be our own worst enemies and forget the ever-so-important rule of just letting everything flow the way it should. 

My intention for my vacation AND 2015 is: To trust and allow everything to flow the way it should.

Trust and allow everything to flow the way it should.

Namaste my loves,

xo Amy

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