the one emotional mistake most humans make

As humans we are pre-programmed to look around us and react.

From day 1 of our human experience, we popped out of a womb, saw some human heads and bawled our fucking eyes out.

And if you didn’t, I honor you!

But in this life experience we are living in, we have been conditioned to look around, see physical things and then determine how we feel about ourselves based off those things.

It’s a fun little game of “Who the fuck am I today?”

And that game gets tired and old eventually as we age because we exhaust ourselves reacting to all the things. We can’t seem to shift, transform and change ourselves enough ways to please all these things and ultimately we throw our hands in the air screaming, “I don’t care anymore what anyone thinks!”

That’s probably the best place to get to as a human being but in that moment we often don’t think so. We don’t think so because again we are ‘reacting’ to something and reactions are rarely ever positive experiences. 

No one ever taught us that we decide how we feel about the things.

It is not the things that determine our emotions.

See…you are in charge of what you feel and how you think. Again, not something we’ve been conditioned to believe. But when we awaken to it (perhaps you just did in this moment) then you realize that you cannot sit and wait for outside circumstances (people/places/situations) to determine how you feel or what you think in this moment.

It is solely up to you to decide how you feel and what you think FIRST and then the reactions won’t even happen. You’ll be neutral to all the things.

By neutral I mean non-judgmental.
By neutral I mean non-reactive.

You will see the things and be consistent in how you felt prior to that thing appearing in your reality.

Are you understanding what I’m telling you here? You dictate your energy. Don’t wait for life to happen to determine your mood for the day.

Don’t wait for the text, conversation, phone call, person, money or whatever to show up and dictate who you are and how you will feel that day.

So the biggest mistake us humans make is that we wait and allow the things outside of us to determine how we feel about us. We look out there at all the stuff first and then say, “Ok I guess I’m not enough” rather than looking inward first and tuning into our worth FIRST which in turn will allow us to ultimately look out there at the text messages, conversations, people, situations, money, etc. and not have it all dictate our worth or mean so much. 

We will be rooted and grounded in our being so that when we do look around us, we will be centered enough to be ourselves and not get morphed or believe false ideals about ourselves due to the ever-changing conditions around us.

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