Staying Mentally Healthy During The CoronaVirus

It’s a natural human response to panic when others are. Your physical health is impacted by your mental health. Staying mentally healthy during the CoronaVirus outbreak is necessary for your overall well-being!

I consider myself a level-headed, calm individual even in trying times. So it is a natural response for me to not react to any societal hype when it seems like the world is ending. Having medical professionals in my family has assisted in this CoronaVirus epidemic to keep things in perspective until I went into the supermarket this morning.

“It’s pandemonium” the grocery store worker said to me.

“Yeah, no shit,” I thought as I sought out toilet paper and found the entire aisle empty.

I have plenty of food, thankfully but I have five rolls of toilet paper at home and my thought process was if for some reason the grocery stores close, I am screwed after 1 week.

It’s easy to react to things when they seem like they are consuming the world around you. This happens even when there isn’t a global crisis unfolding. Your own emotional and mental state are affected daily by the behaviors and communication of those individuals around you. So let’s help you fine tune how to stay calm amidst the chaos!

Here are 5 ways to stay at peace with yourself amid the CoronaVirus outbreak:

1. Focus on your emotional state

I am well aware that your mindset may be on your physical health and well-being. Keep in mind that your body is also affected by what you’re thinking. Watching the news and staying aware is healthy and important to do. Establishing boundaries for yourself during that educational process however is necessary to maintaining your inner peace. Communicating with others regarding what’s happening in the world will happen but you cannot control their way of thinking, feeling and acting. Listen and respect where they may be at while continuing to honor what you need and want during this crisis. You can check out this blog I did breaking down how your thoughts impact your emotional state.

2. Listen to your body with discernment

Some use the term ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’ incorrectly. Essentially what it means is if you consume yourself enough with believing something will happen, it will happen. You’re not a hypochondriac if you hear about symptoms and suddenly think you may be sick. Remember that you know your body best. If you have allergies this time of year or perhaps something feels strangely off. You know if your body is always cold or it’s a sign you may have a fever brewing. Don’t panic! Listen with discernment. Pay attention to what you know about yourself and be proactive in seeking medical attention once you’ve discerned it’s needed. You can even take a glance at how to soothe anxiety with these 3 steps right here to assist you in properly discerning what you need/want.

3. Continue your daily routines that keep you in a good mindset

When there is breaking news unfolding before our eyes, a natural reaction is to stop our lives. There is a healthy balance between listening to state and county officials, health organizations and medical professions while still continuing to do what you want and need to do. Many have been told to work from home for several weeks. Adjusting to change can impact your mental state especially during the CoronaVirus. We react to what we don’t understand and we easily resist any change that comes along with it. Leaning into positive ways to reframe these changes and look at them as new opportunities (in the meantime) will allow any sudden transition to become much lighter.

4. Find new ways to exercise

Going to the gym may not be an option at the moment. Whether that is because they’ve closed themselves for business or you are being proactive during this Coronavirus process. There are many ways to still get a daily dose of exercise in even from the comfort of your own home. First take a look at my blog on how your food intake shows your emotional state here. Additionally there are millions of fitness professionals post free videos to Instagram daily providing all sorts of workouts. You can even go outside for a walk even if you are not desiring other human contact during this time. Don’t forget your pets need their daily activity as well and will gladly keep you company at a walk around the neighborhood!

5. Presence with your pets

Being that I personally just suffered a deep loss in losing my own fur-baby, Dewey, I want to remind you to be present with your pets. Sudden change in routine and your presence in the house with your animals can provide a shock to their little systems. If they’re used to a dog-walker coming mid-day or you not being home until 5 pm, they’re going to be ecstatic to have you there. Being present and patient with that shift in their energy and behavior is important to stay aware of! The number one thing I did in being Dewey’s mommy was prioritize being present with him daily. As someone who does have the blessing of working from home, he worked right alongside me. No matter the amount of work or responsibilities I had, he always had my full, undivided attention. If you are adjusting to a new schedule working from home due to the CoronaVirus, I will be supplying you some healthy ways to set a schedule and boundaries for yourself in my next blog post. Just remember to include your fur-baby in it!

Your mental and emotional health is your wealth in all trying times in life. It’s easy to negate some of these simple steps but overlooking them can cost you a lot within yourself. If you are wanting or needing further support and guidance, new additional session times have been added into my schedule. There’s currently availability within a few days. Some of you may not be able to get in to see your in-person therapist and they may not offer remote support. You can set up a one time session or a few on-going sessions with me right here and work with me from the comfort of your couch, anywhere in the world by phone, Facetime, Skype or via text.


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