Sure we have free will, but when all signs point in one direction, are you going to still go the opposite way? People and things come into our life and leave our life all for a reason. Relationships begin and relationships end. Some relationships develop, increase, change and grow and others will decrease and depart.

We as humans are stubborn creatures. We want what we want when we want it and because we are given free will, sometimes, more times than not – we deliberately go and make things happen just to have what we want. That’s fine and we are given the ability to do just that with our life, but just know that no matter what YOU purposely go and manipulate – if it’s not meant for you, it isn’t going to stay around.

Just ride the wave

(PHOTO CREDIT: Winky Boo L.L.C.)

Today seems to have a theme regarding relationships. Maybe it’s in the air or maybe it’s simply because most of my sessions today are dealing with just that. Whatever it is, I take it as a sign. Ever watch church on TV and flip through a couple services to notice that almost all the preachers are preaching a very similar message? That’s God doing the talking. If he wants a message heard, he’s going to make sure it’s heard to the masses! So here we are, and I’ll keep it short and sweet:

Stop holding on to things that are no longer meant for you. If they are being removed from your life (for whatever reason) – don’t chase them. If they’re intended to return (for whatever reason) they will. Your job is merely to sit back, trust God/The Universe and let it flow. Don’t plan, plot and manipulate. Don’t chase, latch your claws into something (or someone) and hold on for dear life. NO, no no no no! Just let it be. Everything has a funny little way of working itself out. Doesn’t matter how BIG or small the problem may be. But when you chase and claw and hold on with a tight grip, you’re using your free will for negative reasons. You’re trying to manipulate and control an outcome that is inevitable. This is only blocking your blessings. This is only preventing your soul from growing and moving forward. Let it go. Let everything flow. The plan set for you is a good one, I promise you this. I leave you with this powerful prayer that’ll allow you to release the old, loosen your grip and give your soul some breathing room. Trust me, I’ve been there. I’ve been in places where I couldn’t let go and tried to control the outcome and truthfully when you do this, you learn the hard way. You stunt your growth, you set yourself back, you block a blessing and you’re going to be taught a lesson by the Universe so you don’t end up doing it again. I’ve been through this all – I wouldn’t be able to teach it had I not been there – so trust me when I say, just let it go. It’s worth it!