resisting won’t get you what you want

Your refusal to see the lesson…

Your refusal to understand the purpose…

Will block your desires.

“Ok Amy…that was a dramatic segway….now wtf do I do?”

Stop resisting.

Ask to see the lesson contained within.

Ask to be shown a way to see it clearly.
Ask to be guided.

And stop effing resisting.
resist Amy Fiedler

See there’s a few different kinds of resistance:
There’s the “I would REALLY like to understand this but it’s so hard and I can’t.”

Then there’s the “That makes no sense and confuses me. Why does this have to be so hard?”

Or any variation of the sort.

One is you desiring to learn and the other is you refusing to learn.

Both are you making it hard.
No literally….you said “It’s SO HARD.”

Stop telling yourself it’s hard.

It’s easy.
I don’t care if it doesn’t look easy or feel easy…tell yourself it’s easy.

Because you decide how you learn.
You literally pick the path.

And then God dishes it out however you ordered it up.

I chose HARD for more than half my life.
Then I started choosing easy.
Guess which one worked?

Letting it be easy.
pick your path Amy Fiedler

Sure you may not understand it.
And it may actually be confusing.

And your ego may be in full force refusing to try a new way to go about this.
But you can still ask for the easy way out.

So here’s what I want you try:

Choose Script A or B….report back with which works best! 😉

A) It’s so easy for me to _________________(insert name of problem/situation/person here).
I can’t believe how easy it is for me to see this differently.
It’s so simple to feel a new way about this situation.
I cannot believe how easy it was for me to shift/change/heal/resolve/let that go.
Gosh that was so easy!

B) This is so hard. It’s always been hard for me to ___________(insert name of problem/situation/person here).
I just don’t understand it. Why is this so difficult.
Why can’t it be easy?
I don’t want to deal with this anymore. This sucks.
My life has always been hard, it’s never going to change.

…choose wisely…
And remember dolls: What you resist….will stick around a whole lot longer, show up in new ways and appear harder and heavier each time. The MORE you resist, the longer you delay your blessings. 

Did you pick your script? Come on over to my facebook community and let us know if you’ve decided to let it be easy!