There is a common misconception

in spirituality that people have about feelings.

They think you should avoid all the negative ones, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

What you want to do is love and accept yourself no matter what you are feeling because spirituality doesn’t mean you try not to be human.

Spirituality means you love ALL parts of you; the good, bad and ugly.

The problem I constantly see with people practicing some form of religion or spirituality is that they fear the ‘negative’ people, situations and emotions. They try to hide, avoid, block, delete, duck and cover rather than face that feeling it’s bringing up for them.

Once you address the feeling that is coming up, then you can make a grounded decision on if that thing, place or person is actually serving you and if not then you can do what you need to do and release it from you.

But avoiding the ‘negative’ is only going to bring more negative because what you RESIST will PERSIST. 

So allow me to give you a few key steps that you won’t get from watching anything on the law of attraction on YouTube or in a book. These steps will allow you to stop fearing the negative stuff in life (aka your humanness):

Step 1: FEEL the emotion (whether it is positive or negative, just acknowledge it’s existence). This takes all of 5 seconds to do.

Step 2: ACCEPT the emotion. You’ve acknowledged it’s there but now you must accept it which is totally different than recognizing it in the first place. Accepting it means you be okay with it being there.

The goal in step 2 is to realize your power. If you know that you create your thoughts and it is your thoughts that create the emotions then you know you’re in complete control here. The emotion doesn’t have control over you. So by accepting the emotion (good, bad, indifferent) you acknowledge your own power and it immediately loses power over you.

Step 3: ASK yourself: Does this feel good or bad? 

If the emotion (created from your thought) feels bad, then find a better feeling thought after you’ve done these steps. The best way to do that is to ask yourself “What would bring me the most relief right now?”

If the emotion feels good, then keep thinking it!

And there you have it! This entire three step process will take you less than a few minutes to do out loud or mentally with yourself. This process I created myself after years of trying to sidestep the negative stuff just like a lot of you. In doing so it made life that much harder and more frustrating because the truth is, in this human experience – the negative is part of it too!

So you might as well reclaim your power and stop avoiding all these intricate and beautiful parts of you! Life is far easier and much more fun when you truly understand what things are and how none of it actually has power over you. 

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