There are so many words that us humans use frequently but don’t actually know the meanings to.

By ‘meanings’ I mean the energetic understanding of the word itself.

‘Trying’ means forcing, efforting and going against the grain of your natural order.

‘Being’ is the opposite of ‘trying’. Being is knowing. Being is embodying. Being is living, breathing, walking, talking.

We often use the word ‘try’ when we are attempting to learn a new skill or way of being. I often hear clients say “I’m really trying to understand” or “I’m trying to do that but it’s not working.”

And I will say, “Stop trying.” To which they will look at me confused.

I then add, “Don’t try, just do.” Pretty sure Yoda said that and he was right.

When we try, we overthink and overthinking is a form of control; rather an attempt at control. Over-thinkers use their analytical way of operating to control situations but it’s all an illusion because they’re controlling nothing. It’s a tactic that basically just holds them over and distracts them from actually surrendering and trusting.

Back to my point… if you find yourself ‘trying’ to do anything, stop.

Just stop and let it go. Don’t continue to try, instead just go do something that comes naturally and when you go hop back into that natural way of being (where it’s just easy to BE you), what you were once trying to do will emerge naturally while in that space and you’ll now be in a place to RECEIVE what you were once resisting seeing (which ultimately felt like trying in the first place).


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About the Author:

Amy Fiedler is a Certified Holistic Life Coach, Certified Reiki Master Practitioner, Ordained Minister, 3x Published Author. She specializes in emotional guidance, behavior patterns, trauma informed care, anxiety relief, alternative and holistic mental health support. Her focus is on supporting, guiding and educating individuals to gain awareness and utilize healthy coping mechanisms to better improve their mental health, wellness, relationships and complete well-being of their life.