what does it mean to connect with yourself?

Most people don’t understand what connecting with themselves means.

It means learning to just be.

To be that version of you that far too many hide from the outside world.

That YOU that makes stupid jokes and talks to themselves when no one is around.

The you that doesn’t try to be perfect.
The you that snorts and sings out of tune.
Connect with THAT you.
Connect with it and learn to LOVE it.
Embrace it.
Then go out into the world BEING that version of you.

Not the one pretending.
Not the one trying to please.
Not the one doubting or hesitating.

Show the world the REAL you.
The one you spent far too long hiding from everyone else.

That’s the YOU that will attract the right people.
That’s the you that will magnetize the best situations.
That’s the highest vibration you can send out into the world.

When you try to mold yourself into what you think others want.
When you live as a chameleon constantly changing your colors for who you’re around and where you are…then no one knows who you are. You attract confused individuals and things that don’t stick around. You send out a mixed vibration.

People don’t know what to get with you. People don’t know who you are. You don’t know who you are.


connect with heart Amy Fiedler


You need to sit with yourself and learn who you are.
Then become comfortable with it.
Love it.
Then send yourself out into the world being it.

Watch how your entire life changes.
Watch how relationships just last.
Watch how the perfect job just presents itself.
Watch how you begin feeling peaceful no matter what is going on.
Watch how everything in your life starts falling into place FOR you – not because you strategically manipulated and controlled it. Because you connected with yourself – you connected to pure love.

That is all that is real.
Your relationships and experiences in this world are just a reflection of how you are feeling, seeing and speaking to yourself.

When you finally ‘connect’ with your heart center and build a bond with it – that bond is unbreakable because it’ll never leave you.

You acquire strength, wisdom, comfort, love, peace, security, guidance, friendship, respect, loyalty, inspiration – everything you are always seeking OUT THEREyou will find right inside of you.

The other day I posted this image on my Instagram and I feel called to share it again. My gift is being about to help people understand themselves deeper. It’s having this innate ability to take a spiritual teaching and apply it practically to your life. To guide you towards healing and loving yourself. To help you understand why you are the way you are and why the things in your life have happened the way they have. So I leave you with this quote and my practical understanding that will resonate with you and help you radically shift your life:

All you need to do is understand yourself, love yourself, be yourself. You don’t walk into museums and have paintings jump off the wall trying to get your attention or explain what they mean to you. NO!They hang there beautifully misunderstood and you flock to the ones that draw you in. It’s the same for life dolls…just be you in all your messy, quirky, gorgeous glory and let those who love you be drawn in. Some will get you and some won’t. That doesn’t make you any less amazing!

Amy L. Fiedler 

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