Your 3-Way Thinking Process

Whenever we feel powerless in any situation, it’s an emotional response to what we are perceiving. Thoughts are working off of your 3-way thinking process.

What we perceive isn’t always what is actually happening however. Let’s break down your 3-way thinking process.

You either perceive 1 of 3 ways:

1. In the direction you desire to go

2. In the opposite direction you want to go in

3. A bit of 1 and 2 combined (contradictory thoughts)

There’s various reasons you might be perceiving in the opposite direction.

  • trauma response
  • conditioned negative thought patterns
  • a lack of awareness
  • the lack of guidance
  • lack of support
  • All of the above
  • A few of the above
  • Any combo of the above

That hopeless, powerless, dis-empowered type of feeling you have is due to you perceiving things happening around you in opposition to the direction you desire them to go in. In your 3-way thinking process you have chosen number 2 rather than number 1.

Both of us could be looking at the same situation and perceive it differently. That’s due to our levels of understanding, awareness, current emotional state. Additionally it factors in if we have processed our traumatic responses, our active thought processes and our discipline to shift our thinking and thus our feelings when triggered.

Therefore, if you have beliefs about yourself and what you are deserving of that aren’t positive — (for example: feeling unworthy or not good enough), then you will have a difficult time feeling positive in spite of what may be unfolding.

Now that you have a bit more of an understanding of how you think and why you may feel the way you do at times, here is the solution to your problem the next time you are feeling hopeless, powerless or dis-empowered.

Your Solution:

  • Focus your thinking on what you are wanting. DO NOT focus it on what you are not wanting even if what you are NOT wanting is what you feel is happening.

    • You can achieve this through practice, support or my one on one guidance or you can sit down grab a notebook and write down what you are wanting.
    • You may need to process your trauma and reason for your negative beliefs if you are getting stuck in shifting your thought. A few weeks of working with me privately will allow us the time to untangle that.


  • Your emotions are fueled by your thinking. So if your emotions are hurting you it’s because your thoughts are hurting you. Your thoughts can only hurt you when they say things like, “you cannot have what you are wanting.”