the real freedom you are seeking

We get confused living in this world because we think the physical things we see hold importance.

We truly believe we want the ‘stuff’.

And we think we’ll feel more free in having it!

Have you ever caught yourself saying, “Once I have more _________ I’ll feel better” ? Or when the money/lover/car/opportunity/promotion shows up then I will be happy?

We hold ourselves captive when we link freedom to anything outside of us.

In doing that we limit ourselves.

Because real freedom comes from inside of us. 

The way we access it is by choosing to feel happy WITHOUT the stuff.

Choosing to feel at ease before we get the stuff.

Take the pressure off the stuff. Lighten up on the stuff. Remove that burden from the stuff.

As humans we don’t like having that much pressure on us. Have you ever truly enjoyed it when someone solely relied on you for their happiness?

NO because even if you’ve tried to make them happy, you have zero control over their happiness. So no matter how many ways you mold, shape and bend yourself, guess what….you’ll never be their source of happiness.

Their happiness is a choice they must make whether you are present or not. A choice they make whether you do what they want or not. It’s not linked to you but how many times have you heard even in people’s wedding vows, “I promise to always make you happy.”

Realistically (and spiritually) that vow is completely impossible.

Happiness comes from knowing our freedom. That freedom lives in our ability to choose any emotion regardless of the outside circumstances unfolding.

Needing help navigating your emotions and truly learning how to choose happiness regardless of your circumstances? Speak with me privately by scheduling a session so I can provide you clarity and guidance into what’s happening in your reality and give you tools to master your mindset and energy so that you always know how to access your freedom!