Are you fully committed to happiness and peace? If you are then you aren’t allowing anything external to steal it from you.

You aren’t dependent upon a person or an object or a number to fulfill you.

If you are in fact FULLY committed to being at peace and being happy – then the only thing that matters to you is how you feel.

Are you in...or are you out-

So let’s get real….are you there? Are you invested in feeling good?

For a while I was and then I found myself wavering and I wasn’t sure why because I really thought I had this peace and happiness thing all figured out. But then it clicked and I realized that the Universe was testing me. It was putting me in situations that would trigger me to fall into old habits and seeing if I chose my new peaceful path instead.

And I’ll be honest because that is what helps you all learn and heal – I fell into an old habit. I started letting my external experience determine my internal condition.

Your internal condition determines your external experience.

I began to fall away from things that brought me joy desperately trying to figure out “Where’d I go wrong”. Naturally this was my fearful ego-mind kicking in trying to pull me further away from my inner peace. Our ego plays on lack and loss. When things are good it tells you, “Don’t get too excited…things can’t be THAT good forever.”

The more you eat that theory up – the more “proof” and “evidence” you will find to support it. The ego loves it some good evidence. It tries to rationalize sh*t and explain to you that if it happened before, it’ll most likely happen again and that’s just your fate.

NO…it’s not dolls.

So here’s the deal…once I dropped this old story of defeat.
Once I let go of “trying to figure it out” and the idea that I can’t have happiness, it all began to make sense. Once I looked at myself RATHER than the situation and recognized that there’s a lesson here FOR ME – I could release the ego’s need to want to point fingers, attack or blame anything else for this.

I always tell clients to look for the lesson. That goes for myself as well. I must practice always what I preach and once I let go of any and all ego-minded stories, I could really get to the truth which was there is healing here for me. There is growth here for me. This is benefiting me. This is taking me to a whole new level. This is GOOD!

The Universe was using an “old story” of mine to help me grow into a better version of myself. It was elevating me to a higher level! It was providing me an environment conducive to learning.

It was my choice whether I succeeded (by changing my story) or reinvested in my old story. There is no failing here, you know why…because the ending is up to me.

You either change your story or reinvest in your old story.

Am I willing to make peace and happiness my priority?
Am I willing to move past the bullsh*t lie I was believing in my own mind that certain things are not my fate?
I am…are you?

So I chose my ending. Now it’s up to me to remain confident in my choice and rewrite my story with peace and happiness at it’s core. 

Have you chosen yours?
I’ll tell you a secret…once you choose the ending…the rest is just details. The good thing about details…they’re none of our business – the Universe takes care of all of them for you!

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Lots of Love,