Choices. We all have them. We like to pretend at times that things are beyond our control or free will choice but they aren’t. Everything is a choice. Feeling good is a choice. It’s the only thing that matters.

Yes…even if you are sick. You get to choose what you focus on.
And in case you weren’t aware yet…what you focus on expands.

See…let me untwist your brain for a second…

Us humans choose to focus on sh*t we want to control but can’t.
By doing so it feels worse.
Case in point:
You don’t like your body so you stare at yourself in the mirror every single day to pinpoint where you can fix your body. Dwelling on what you dislike never fixes it…does it?
Don’t answer that.

It simply makes it worse.
That’s where action comes into play.
If you don’t like something…if you don’t like how it feels/looks/acts…change it.

Change YOU.

Change the way you perceive it.

Focus on what feels good.

If you don’t like your body and you stare and label everything you hate then you are only going to look for more things you hate.
If you look at your body and dislike it’s size or shape but find ONE GOOD THING that you do matter how miniscule…that will expand.
(this is just an example…apply it to everything you know!)

It’s law.
Just call me your spiritual scientist.
We focus on sh*t we don’t like and want it to automatically change for us.
Problem with that is we are the ones making ourselves dislike it and so we have the power to change it so we do like it.
Are you with me?

Focus on what feels good.
Yes…there was a reason I asked you if you feel good…so do you?

When you focus on things you like it feels good. Again…that’s law.
If you focus on sh*t you hate…it never feels good.
I’ve simplified it for you….

You don’t like something, someone, your body, their actions, your life, your job, their attitude…whatever. You don’t like it.
Well don’t sit and talk about the sh*t you don’t like.
Don’t dwell on it.
That’ll create MORE of it.
If you don’t like it…it probably doesn’t feel good.
So what feels good? (you need to answer this one)
There’s something that feels good around them/it. If you can’t find what it is DO NOT WORRY…find something else that feels good. Focus on it.
Focus on it. Focus on it. Focus on it.
That feels good right?

Cool…you’re done. Keep focusing on that feel good stuff and guess what…

That un-feel good stuff will start to shift.
Shift = it’ll feel good.
Yup. You’re welcome.
You ALWAYS have a choice. Choose again when it doesn’t feel good. Choose what DOES feel good! Make wise feel-good choices and it’ll change your life.

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