What makes us so impatient? Why as humans do we feel NOW is always the right time to have everything we desire? ‘Now’ isn’t always the best time. I know that sucks doesn’t it. We live in a “right now” world. We want things quick and painlessly. We want our food instantly and our coffee with a snap of the finger. We want to get to where we’re going and we want to get there fast. Why are we in such a rush?

Slow the f*&k down! Your hurrying your life away darling. Slow down and take in the moment right now. This is the moment that counts. This is the moment that is going to determine your next moment and next moment and your entire future. We live in the past, we worry about the future and we rush through the present and yet the present is actually the only thing that is real. The past is no more. The future hasn’t happened yet. Take your blinders off and look around you RIGHT NOW. Check out what’s going on. Smell it, taste it, drink it all up. Life is good right now.

Life is more than good and guess what – everything you want RIGHT NOW…it’ll come eventually. It may come in an hour or tomorrow or 6 months from now. But it WILL come. That is guaranteed. But you can’t always have it right now. I know that sucks too, doesn’t it! But you see…you might not appreciate it yet. You might not even SEE it if you got it right now because you’re wrapped up in something else. Trust that whenever it does arrive…that is the most perfect time for it to arrive. That’s when you’ll be able to see it, appreciate it and really enjoy it for all that it is. You may need just a little more time. You may need to acquire a smidge more patience. You may need to heal from something you aren’t even aware of. You may need to learn something first. There is a perfect time for everything. The leaves fall off the trees at just the right time of year. The sun goes down at just the right time of day. The caterpillar turns into a butterfly at just the right moment. The flower blooms when it’s ready. Just know it’ll happen when it’s ready. It might be ready in a few hours – either way…you just need to stop trying to rush it and know it’ll happen exactly when it’s supposed to. Today’s Daily Affirmation is:

I believe everything I desire and need will arrive when I am at my best to receive it fully.